Sculpture version: “A Crossing on the Whale Road”

Sail_CWGChris White Gallery – April 2022 

mixed media, 28 images printed on silk, 8′ x 8′



A Crossing on the Whale Road

Returned, no fire will warm me

Returned, no person will welcome me

Under Gods’ Eyes, I raise a cairn

Father’s farm now lies under black stone

There are the cold beds of sleeping family

There are still pastures and places to find game

And fresh water. Life is still here

One must rely on your self

Men from afar, bearing bad news and Father’s sword

Later, Mother made an Offering

She unwrapped and gave me Father’s sword

All at once, I was a giant

No words travel faster than boasted words.  I act the Fool

The Spirit leaves his laughter and I am alone and empty handed

I cannot go home.  I must win it back

I will seek other spirits to help me.  None are found

Entering the New God’s House, I ask and hear only silence

I ask the Old Gods and they Sing to themselves

A Waterfall Spirit tells me what I must do

Into the foul mist.  The Other World was there

What do I find.  The Undead

At the place of the Ice Bleeds, if I serve, I will earn the sword

These are the Fallen Heroes

Stars wheel overhead.  One day, I am told to return to the forest

The Forest Spirit offers a choice: the Sword or the Light

I name my self Wayfinder

I try to follow the Light



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