Biggs Museum of American Art

The Brandywine Photo Collective is having a show at the Biggs.  As a BPC member, I enthusiastically embraced Danny Schweer’s idea of doing an Ansel Adams’ “Performance” on other BPC members images for a February show at the Biggs.

“The negative is the score, and the print the performance.”

—- Ansel Adams

Nine members elected to share images with other members and let them do what they will with them.  As it turns out, that makes for 1 source members image and 3 members images to work on.   I worked on Lynn Troy Maniscalco, Kathy Buckalew and Kerry Harrison’s pictures.   I think mine is the only silver gelatin print.  All the rest are digital prints.  My Kerry Harrison picture is a dust jacket for a book and is shown in 3D in a shadowbox display.  My Kathy Buckalew picture is mounted by pins, coffee stained, ripped and rumpled from “rain”.

I can’t wait to see how my picture was performed by Danny Schweers, Kathy Buckalew and Cindy Bonnes.

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