Instagram fill going well….

But work on the website is going much more slowly. After downloading a module for LightRoom, LRInstagram, I’m able to load pictures directly into Instagram from my desktop. My Instagram plan is make it my universe of pictures I like and post them. I have 10’s of thousands of digital pictures. Time to work on sort, delete, fix and post the interesting ones. This has also motivated me to learn what LR collections are. I have a web posting collection and an Instagram collection. That way I can trace back where an image came from.

The postings interval for Instagram have been about every other day. That way I’m always thinking about finding at least one picture to clean up and post. This website. I think a lot about new galleries. The blogging I finally put on a calendar to remind me to do it. It’s set for Friday mornings. First things: feed animals, drink coffee and blog. This first attempt is going well.

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