The Forest

This set of photos have been a work in progress for some months now. It’s an offshoot of a few sculptures I did in the last couple of years in the woodlot near my home. I frequently walk in “The Forest”, in all times of day and in most weather. I no longer walk in The Forest in hurricanes or high wind weather — In a blinding rain I heard a large tree fall, but could not see it. The next day I returned to the place I heard the tree fall. An enormous beech had collapsed not 30 feet from where I had been standing. I was lucky it had fallen in a different direction.

These are old woods. The Lenni Lenape, walked these woods long before the Swedes settled this country. Now, suburbanites roam the woods, myself included. The Forest was a backdrop for my children’s play and so I shall be for me. With that I add a new gallery: The Forest.

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